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Maggie's Blend Raw Dog Food

Clayton's Meat Market's General Manager, Michael, has fed raw dog food to his vizslas for over 15 years. Every day he would pull different ingredients out of his fridge and freezer, compiling food for his dogs. Michael got tired of figuring out what to defrost on a daily basis and came up with Maggie's Blend. Using his experience feeding his personal dogs, he developed a blend for Maggie. Having a ready made blend made feeding easier than ever. 

There are no fillers in our raw dog food, dogs digest the food very efficiently, leaving very small and dense piles of waste in the yard. Dogs appear healthier and more energetic on raw dog food, with soft coats and clean teeth. 

When we make Maggie's Blend, we use what we have, every grind is slightly different. We feel a slight difference is beneficial for the long term health of our best friends. 

We shoot for a 75/13/12 blend, that's 75-80% protein and fat, 10-13% organ, and 10-12% bone content.  Our proteins are usually beef, we bring in weasand muscle and beef rounds. Our organs are a mix of all the good ones, liver, heart, kidneys, thymus glands, gizzards, spleens, and testicles all make it into the grind at some point. Our bones are generally from chicken, using feet and necks to make the bulk of the bone content. Additionally, to ensure we don't miss any micronutrients, we add salmon oil and organic kelp to the grind. 

When you choose Maggie's Blend Raw Dog Food, you know your dog is getting the same great quality we feed our dogs every day. 

Delivery - COMING SOON!!!!

Currently, we are working though the logistics, details, and pricing, but soon we will be delivering Maggie's Blend throughout South Texas. We intend to have a monthly distribution with designated stops in Corpus, Harlingen, McAllen, Laredo, and  San Antonio. As the needs increase, we will add drop off points along the route. When we are ready to start shipping, we will be taking orders online, right here on this page. 

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