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Clayton's Meat Market Established 2020

Clayton's Meat Market is the definition of delicious! Founded in 2020, we like to say we are bringing joy to Portland, and it’s something we hope to be doing for years to come. But we offer more than just high-quality, delicious products. We are a full-service Meat Shop that has become an important part of the local community. Come down and meet us.

Clayton Saunders '02 was born and raised in the Medina County area. He attended Texas A&M University and was a member of the Corps of Cadets. After college he joined the corporate world, working for Valero and Toyota. Like most Americans he dreamed of being his own boss. He followed through with that dream, purchasing Devine Meat Company in 2012. Growing up in the cattle business, custom slaughter came natural to Clayton.

DMC has grown and expanded every year since being purchased by Clayton. Visiting the coast, chasing redfish and trout, it became painfully obvious that the Portland area was lacking in fresh meats. Clayton saw a need and decided to fill it with his quality products. 

Today, Clayton divides his time between Devine Meat Company, Clayton's Meat Market, and Redfish Bay.

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